About Merschman Seeds

Our Mission 

Merschman Seeds’ success is based on putting the farmer first by offering superior seed products, best in class service, and the most innovative management practices.

The Merschman Top 10

Reasons to Order from Merschman Seeds

  1. Quality – the quest for superior germination and purities is the first step for perfect stands and higher yields. 
  2. Diverse Genetic Pool – as an independent company, we have access to a wide variety of genetics to develop the best yielding products in different regions.
  3. The Best Traits – our connection to MS Technologies gives us a front row seat to offer you first, LibertyLink® GT27 and when fully approved Enlist E3™ soybeans.
  4. Superior Seed Treatments – Bonus Coated+™ with Pearl Coat+™ seed treatments are standard, not an option. All new and improved.
  5. Family Owned/Independent Company – our people truly care: from the area sales manager meeting with you to the driver delivering your seed, to the president of the company (who you can actually talk to on the phone.)
  6. We Deliver (in our own trucks) – delivery done right and on time. Although this may not seem like a huge benefit, it becomes much bigger when you’re in need of seed and waiting.
  7. Free Replant –we share the risk with free replant for Merschman soybean seed ordered by January 15. Guaranteed Stand Establishment — you’re covered if a natural disaster hits your farm with free replant for the first original planted stand. Must be planted after local Crop Insurance earliest planting date to qualify. Guarantee does not cover stand loss due to herbicide injury, planter malfunction, or planter adjustment errors. (treated seed only)
  8. Stine Corn — Merschman Seeds is a distributor for Stine Corn. Stine is the new emerging leader in the corn industry by developing unique genetics and management practices to raise corn yields to a new level.
  9. Financing – innovative options for ordering early, prepaying, taking delivery, and extended terms (John Deere Financial).
  10. Backing It Up – if you have a problem with any of the seed we sell, we’ll send a seed pro out to your farm to help.

We realize that we have a tradition to keep. The phrase “your friend in the field” is more than just a tagline for us. We treat you the way we want to be treated. Our independent nature and people-first approach mean that you can “expect the best” in service and products.

Joe Merschman
President and CEO, Merschman Seeds

About Merschman Seeds