Farm Crisis Resources and Hotlines

Farm Crisis Resources and Hotlines

Friends and Family of everyone affected by flooding must recognize these symptoms and help loved ones get the help they need!

From the Farm Crisis Center:

Net farm income dropped 50% from 2013 — 2016, and it has remained depressed ever since.

Growers Need Choice

BASF’s position on use of glyphosate on LibertyLink GT27 and GT27 soybeans

March 15, 2019

Glyphosate Brands for Post Application

March 15, 2019 

Launch of Enlist E3™ Soybeans for the United States in 2019


Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, and MS Technologies™ Announce Launch of Enlist E3™ Soybeans for the United States in 2019 

  • Enlist E3™ soybeans launched across multiple seed brands in U.S.
  • Technology authorized by Philippines for import

China Approves Enlist E3™ Soybeans

JANUARY 8, 2019 06:26 AM -

Enlist E3™ soybeans, jointly developed by Dow AgroSciences and MS Technologies, is finally approved for import by China. Reuters reports the country approved five new genetically modified crops for import for the first time in 18 months Tuesday.

Moisture Onion Test

2019 Weather Predictions

Onion Calendar Test
2019 Rain Predictions
(Eastern Nebraska)

Merschman Seeds Area Sales Manager Joe Birky, Strang NE uses this method to help predict rain for the upcoming year. His method is fairly accurate. Legend has it the Chinese have been doing this for 3,000 years ago. It has also been passed down through generations from all over the world. Many people still use this method to predict rainfall.

Bayer Statement on Liberty®


 Dear LibertyLink® Licensee,

 Please find below a statement regarding Liberty® and symptomology as a response to comments we have received from various sources.

MS Technologies™

New research reveals growers' highest rated soybean trait platform of 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Stine has developed a unique way to improve seed corn production. Stine’s one-of-a-kind, internally designed and custom-built FieldMax Seed Corn Harvesting System was designed to minimize handling, reduce waste and increase harvest efficiency on the Stine Seed Farm in Adel, Iowa. This innovative system allows Stine to perform in the field many of the tasks that would typically be done in a seed corn production facility.