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 Please find below a statement regarding Liberty® and symptomology as a response to comments we have received from various sources.

MS Technologies™

New research reveals growers' highest rated soybean trait platform of 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Stine has developed a unique way to improve seed corn production. Stine’s one-of-a-kind, internally designed and custom-built FieldMax Seed Corn Harvesting System was designed to minimize handling, reduce waste and increase harvest efficiency on the Stine Seed Farm in Adel, Iowa. This innovative system allows Stine to perform in the field many of the tasks that would typically be done in a seed corn production facility.

As RoundUp Sales Declines, Monsanto Drops Independent Seed Company Selling Competitor’s Traits.

As RoundUp Sales Declines, Monsanto Drops Independent Seed Company Selling Competitor’s Traits.

(West Point, IA) — Merschman Seeds, an independent seed company based in West Point, Iowa, received notice from Monsanto that their licenses of Monsanto products would not be renewed. Merschman Seeds has been producing seed using Monsanto traits for 21 years.

Merschman Seeds Signs Up as Licensee for LibertyLink® GT27 System

Merschman Seeds Signs Up as Licensee for LibertyLink®GT27 System

WEST POINT, IOWA — Merschman Seeds is pleased to announce it has signed on as a licensee for the LibertyLink®GT27 Soybean Performance System. The Balance™ GT Soybean Performance System will benefit soybean growers by providing elite, high-yielding genetics coupled with a double herbicide-tolerant trait stack offering protection against a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses.

2018 Seed Soybean Treatment

New improved 10 step Bonus Coated+™ with Pearl Coat+™ as its standard soybean seed treatment for 2018

Merschman Seeds


Tuesday March 28, 2017 8:00AM

MS Technologies™ and Bayer receive Chinese approval for Balance™ GT soybeans

Balance™ GT Soybean Performance System to provide long-lasting residual control with reactivation technology

Balance GT soybeans to launch in 2017

Balance GT soybeans to launch in 2017

Posted March 15, 2016 by Cyndi Young

Technologies, Bayer and Mertec LLC have been working together for more than a decade to develop products that improve the future of farming for growers. Through this research, the LibertyLink®GT27 Soybean Performance System was created. Lindsey Seitz, Brand Manager for MS Technologies, tells Brownfield Balance GT will deliver performance and control for farmers who should have access to the system during the scheduled launch in 2017.