2020 Rain Predictions

2020 Rain Predictions Onion Calendar Test

Merschman Seeds Area Sales Manager Joe Birky, (Strang, NE) uses this method to help predict rain for the upcoming year. His method is fairly accurate.

Legend has it the Chinese have been doing this for 3,000 years. It has also been passed down through generations from all over the world. Many people still use this method to predict rainfall, throughout the year.

Here is the technique used by Joe — buy 6 white onions, cut in half, create a well (hole in the middle of the halved onion) to put the salt in.

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, put 1 tablespoon of salt in each onion well (middle of a halved onion), then set all the onion halves in a row in either a north or south-facing window, your choice. All the onion halves need to be placed in the same window.

At 6 am New Years Day, look how much moisture is in each halved onion, January would start on the east and then read to the west for the rest of the months.

The more moisture or water in the onion well the wetter the month.

January 2020 – Dry

February 2020 – Dry

March 2020 – Wet

April 2020 – Damp

May 2020 – Damp

June 2020 – Dry

July 2020 – Dry

August 2020 – Wet

September 2020 – Dry

October 2020 – Dry

November 2020 – Dry

December 2020 – Dry