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We feel that there are two basic strategies for higher profits for the crop producer…

First, the better the start, the better the yield. That’s why Merschman has been the leader in seed treatments for years. Our treatments surpass industry standards with multiple modes of action. The results mean better growth out of the gate, better root formation, and ultimately better plant health through the entire season with higher yields. We ask you to compare our seed treatments to any other seed company’s and we’re confident you’ll agree that Merschman can’t be beaten.

Second, don’t make decisions based on a single sample. Like a lot of companies, we had some hybrids this last year that will be considered bin busters. Yet we don’t want you to load up on our best performing seeds. We still think the wise course of action is to plant a program that contains hybrids that perform well in adverse conditions while including some of those record-breaking seeds at the same time. Our goal is to provide high profits whether the upcoming growing conditions mirror this last year’s or is completely different.


All Merschman Soybeans are treated as standard, not special order with our industry-leading seed treatment package. Read up on the Bonus Coated+™ seed treatments with Pearl Coat+™ technology. This seed treatment package improves your odds of better stands, the first step to Grow your yields and profits.


Merschman Seeds is a distributor for Stine corn. Imagine a day when corn fields consistently average 300 — or even 400 — bushels per acre. Stine, the largest independent seed company in America and one of the industry’s largest corn-breeding companies, is developing the hybrids to turn that idea into a reality. Stine corn combines the industry’s most desirable trait packages with our exclusive genetics to produce hybrids with exceptional standability and superior yields.


Don’t forget that Merschman offers high-quality wheat! Our Merschman Ultra-Earlies and Medium-Earlies mature faster, allowing for double crops and potentially making your lighter ground as profitable as your corn fields.

And all of our wheat comes standard with our industry-leading Bonus Coated+™ wheat seed treatment, for maximum protection from diseases and insects.


Merschman Seeds is proud to offer  America’s Alfalfa® for growers that want higher yields, fewer weeds, and more profit for their forage crop. When you’re looking for quality, we have you covered.


Merschman Products