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Merschman Seeds has a front-row seat to offer you better choices in high-yielding soybean genetics with two new triple stack herbicide options for easier, better weed control in 2020.

Enlist E3™ and LibertyLink® GT27™ were developed by our sister company, MS Technologies™ ( in cooperation with key partners. Merschman Seeds has direct access to MS Technologies™ genetics providing you the best and latest options.


All Merschman Soybeans are treated standard, not special order with our robust industry-leading seed treatment package that contains Tripidity® ST biostimulants. Using Tripidity® ST, plants are healthier, show even emergence, and consistently better stands with greater numbers, every time. If your soybean seed treatment does not contain Tripidity® ST biostimulants you’re losing yield potential. 


Merschman Seeds is a distributor for Stine corn. Imagine a day when corn fields consistently average 300 — or even 400 — bushels per acre. Stine’s 2020 corn lineup features the industry’s best trait packages with their own line of high-yielding, unique genetics. From weed control to insect and disease packages, Stine has a broad lineup of hybrids in a variety of maturities, making it easy to choose the right seed for your field.  Stine is the industry leader of the short corn hybrid, providing better standability and higher-yielding hybrids.


The Merschman Ultra-Earlies mature early, perfect for double cropping. The extra income double cropping can potentially make your lighter ground as profitable as your best ground!

All of our wheat comes standard with our industry-leading Merschman Seeds Bonus Coated+ Wheat Seed Treatment containing a 7 step process, providing maximum protection from diseases and insects.


America’s Alfalfa is the only national brand offering Traffic Tested® varieties for higher yield, greater value and a longer stand life, including Roundup Ready® for weed control.

Merschman Products