AmeriStand 400 HVXRR

HarvXtra™ Alfalfa with Roundup Ready® Technology is the industry’s first genetically enhanced alfalfa technology developed to maximize quality

  • HarvXtra™ Alfalfa gives growers the ability to better manage the yield-versus-quality tradeoff. It offers more flexibility in cutting schedule to achieve improved forage quality or greater yield potential, when compared to conventional alfalfa at the sam
  • HarvXtra™ Alfalfa has on average 12-15% less lignin and 12-15% higher neutral detergent fiber digestibility (NDFd) and relative forage quality (RFQ) than conventional alfalfa harvested at the same stage of maturity.
  • HarvXtra™ Alfalfa is stacked with the Roundup Ready® Technology for unsurpassed weed control with excellent crop safety.
  • Expect fast recovery for frequent harvest schedules under intensive management.