Soybean Seed Treatment

2017 Merschman Bonus Coated+™ Seed Treatment Now With Pearl Coat+™ Technology

Exclusive 9-Step Treatment Package

  • Our exclusive 9-step treatment package offered in Merschman Bonus Coated+™ now with Pearl Coat+™ technology can deliver a more consistent and complete protection from early season diseases and insects
  • Industry-leading use rates to promote a high level of performance

The new generation delivers:

  • Unprecedented defense against Rhizoctonia
  • Most complete disease protection available
  • Improved flowability and plantability
  • Broad-spectrum insect protection

Benefits of Merschman Bonus Coated+™ now with Pearl Coat+™ Technology


According to Iowa State University, a two-week delay in stand establishment can result in up to an 18% yield reduction.


The average equipment and operation costs of replanting soybeans is $26/A (excluding seed cost), according to the University of Illinois.


Merschman Bonus Coated+™ delivers up to 2.4 Bu/A average yield advantage over untreated soybeans.

Optional ILeVO® Soybean Treatment for Sudden Death Syndrome

(Available Special Order Prior to January 15, 2017)

ILeVO® seed treatment is the only solution for Sudden Death Syndrome that has activity against nematodes. It protects the root system against the SDS fungus and has activity on nematodes in the seed zone, producing healthier plants for higher yield potential.

ILeVO® evaluated on 92 varieties spread across eight locations.
94.6% of the trials showed a yield benefit which averaged 7.7 bu/acre.