Soybean Seed Treatment

 Merschman Bonus Coated+™with Pearl Coat+™ Seed Treatment

Our seed treatment has fungicides at effective rates for better disease control and the addition of biostimulants speeds up plant processes and mitigates stress. Merschman Bonus Coated+™ with Pearl Coat+™ treatment has proven up to 6 bushels per acre more yield over untreated soybeans. Our seed treatment provides potential for even more bushels in stressful growing conditions or in the presence of disease.

 Merschman Seeds designed this product to provide you with unprecedented protection to provide you with unprecedented protection from seedling diseases and insects, plus improved protection planatibilty and yield potential. Don’t just take our word for it, compare our active ingredients to others and you will see why Merschman Seeds’ Bonus Coated+™ with Pearl Coat+™ is superior. Best of all it is standard, not special order prior to June 15th, 2019.

Optional ILeVO® Soybean Treatment for Sudden Death Syndrome

(Available Special Order0)

 ILeVO® seed treatment is the only product that offers effective protection against Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and nematodes in the seed zone, resulting in healthier plants and higher yield potential.

 ILeVO protects against key pests in opposing weather conditions. While nematode damage increases in hot, dry conditions, SDS thrives in cool, wet conditions. With ILeVO, your soybean crop is protected against both.

ILeVO® AVERAGE YIELD BENEFIT 4.7 bu/A 84% consistency

337 comparisons, varying levels of SDS pressure**

** Comparison to fungicide/insecticide base.


Soybean Seed Treatment